The change adoption curve

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Some Most of us hate change.

When change begins, it often doesn’t register on our radar. We choose to ignore it because the impact or “noise” level in our lives is low, but change is in progress, nonetheless.  When the noise level increases, so does our level of discomfort, as the change adoption curve graph above shows.

We complain that change isn’t needed, though change occurs anyway. So, we plead for an exception to change, only to sulk when that exception doesn’t come. Finally, we begin to accept that we cannot stop change.

We realize that we have little control over change. But, tomorrow we’ll repeat the process with some other change in our lives as if we learned nothing about change yesterday.

What a waste of time and energy.

We cannot control change. All we can control is the speed at which we accept change.

Change happens. Stop wasting time ignoring, complaining, pleading and sulking.

Accept the inevitable. Change. Because it’s the only thing, we can do.

David Harkins is a serial entrepreneur, which is a more professional way of saying he is still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.
When not working for himself, he has had a fulfilling career in marketing, advising both large and small companies including several in the Fortune 500 and many of America’s largest nonprofit organizations. In his spare time, he consults, speaks, writes, hikes, explores, and creates art. Although, not necessarily in that order. Connect with him on social media below:

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The change adoption curve

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