Change begins with you

“Be the change
you wish to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

America didn’t change today.

There is a new person in The White House, but most everything else is the same. The economy still struggles. The stock market continues to decline. Most people out of work today will still be out of work tomorrow. Some people lost their homes today while others struggled to put food on their tables.

Today’s problems will still be here tomorrow. The hard reality for each of us is that change doesn’t begin in Washington. Change starts with us.

Sometimes in our businesses and our lives we’re afraid to make those critical decisions necessary to take us to the next level of success. We say we’re “risk-averse,” when in reality we’re probably just afraid we’ll make the wrong decision and fail.

So what. Failure is nothing more than change–not good or bad in most cases, just a different outcome than we might have wanted.

It is our fear of change, not fear of failure, which stands in the way of our successes.

Accept change. Gather your courage and embrace it in your life and your business. Because when you are ready to embrace change, you will be ready to make a change. And that will make all the difference in your business and your life.

No, America didn’t change today. The expectations of many Americans changed.

Did yours?

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