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I’ve become a big fan of economist and professor Tyler Cowen of George Mason University in the past few months. He stimulates broader thinking about culture and business. I don’t read too many blogs regularly these days, but I’ve been following Cowen at “Marginal Revolution” a blog he writes with colleague Alex Tabarrok.


My commute is a lot longer than I would like, but the time in the car gives me the opportunity to broaden my horizons by listening to podcasts. Here’s what’s been at the top of my podcast list lately:

And if you haven’t listened to S-Town and enjoy a different kind of storytelling with interesting characters, I recommend it. Caution: There’s strong language in this podcast. If that offends you, you might want to avoid it.


I just finished, Understanding Michael Porter: The Essential Guide to Competition and Strategy by Joan Magretta, which was required reading for my Entrepreneurial Creation class. Still, I found it to be a useful tool to understanding some of the complexities of Porter’s tools. If you’re an entrepreneur or a marketer, I would recommend it especially if you’re not familiar with Porter’s work.

I am eager to read these books next:

In case you missed it.

I just finished an 8-week graduate class in Entrepreneurial Creation. Unlike my first class which had us writing blog posts related to the topic of innovation, this blog posts for this class centered around a review of five advertisements in five different mediums. Because those are more academic in nature, I didn’t think the average person would be all that interested and excluded them from the front page this blog. However, if reading my thoughts on advertising campaigns strikes your fancy, here are the posts:

I also interviewed Ahna Hendrix, CEO of Arch Digital Agency (listen to it here). We talked about what it’s like to grow up in an entrepreneurial family, the challenges of entrepreneurship both in the States and abroad, and what entrepreneurs need to know about working with a digital or social media agency.  It’s long but informative.

Note: Ahna sounds great in the audio, but my mic made me sound a little demonic. I’ll work on that before the next audio interview.

Last month I interviewed Burgin Hardin, Senior Counsel the Boy Scouts of America about Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship. I value Burgin’s insights and guidance on licensing and intellectual property matters, plus he brings has a strong grasp of business implications, too.




  1. Impressive post, concise and to the point. A great way to keep readers engaged in your blog. You have certainly given me the push I needed to use my blog for more than just class assignments.

    • Thanks, Toshia. I think a weekly post that summarizes interesting things read or thought about can be valuable to readers. Still, I too, am remiss in a regular post like this between the requirements of work and school.

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