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The things happening in America right now trouble me in ways I cannot yet verbalize. I cannot help but think that the lack of critical thinking is at the root of many of our cultural challenges. This article in Edutopia, Overcoming Obstacles to Critical Thinking by Randy Kasten strikes a chord. I believe we need to start teaching critical thinking skills much earlier. Maybe we should start in elementary school. Would you agree?



I’ve been shaking up my podcast listening lately. Among my new favorites are:

  • How I built this with Guy Raz. An interview show with successful entrepreneurs and others about how they built their movements.
  • Longform. Another interview show, but this one is with non-fiction writers who discuss their writing.
  • The Good Life Project Podcast. Jonathan Field’s interview-focused podcast exploring what it takes to live a good life.
  • Self-made man. Mike Dillard’s podcast about men who are striving for greatness.



I finished Tyler Cowen’s The Complacent Class a few months ago. I’m still distilling my takeaways, and I will likely write a few posts about my thinking on his theories. In, It’s time to think differently about entrepreneurship, I did reference his thinking on cultural segregation and the possible impact on entrepreneurship.

With the required reading for my graduate classes, I’m finding it hard to get into reading much of anything other than magazine articles. Still, next up on my reading list are:

In case you missed it.

I just finished an 8-week graduate class in Advanced Entrepreneurial Finance. I’ve written a lot about business finance from an entrepreneur’s perspective. If you’ve missed those posts and are interested in reviewing them, they’re listed below. I have also included in several of those posts downloadable example spreadsheets for creating pro formas, calculating financial ratios, and determining customer acquisition costs.

There’s also a whole series on Angel Investment from a previous class that I failed to share. You can check those out here: Entrepreneurial Funding

Recently I interviewed  Gregg Smith, Founder of Evolution Business Advisors, Kim Stewart, SVP, Working Capital Solutions Advisor at BB&T about equity and debt financing respectively. Plus, I interviewed Rachael Harper, founder of Vida Calma Wellness for my new Everyday Entrepreneurs podcast.

In the Everyday Entrepreneurs podcast, I talk with entrepreneurs about what it’s like to create, build and grow a business. We examine the ups and downs of startups and small business, raise up the successes, and explore the failures in hopes of offering other listeners some insights on life in a small business.  Occasionally I will offer some tips and insights about the entrepreneurial life from my own experiences.

You can listen below on Soundcloud or subscribe to the podcast on iTunesGoogle PlayStitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!

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