Time for a do-over

January 1, 2015 Motivation Comments (0) 586

I try to catch the sunrise every day. There’s nothing like hearing life stir as the sun peeks over the horizon. With each one I witness, I remember I have the opportunity to begin again.

Each sunrise gives me a new start in life, whether it’s offering an apology for hurtful words, taking action to become a better person, or even changing my life direction. I have the opportunity for a “do-over.”

A “do-over” isn’t necessarily about correcting a past mistake, as the words might imply. It’s more about putting life on a different track or moving in a different direction. It’s hard to do the latter if we see each day only as part of the big picture of life.  But, if we look at each day as a small part of the big picture–the living that makes up our life–the change we desire is far less overwhelming.

The privilege of waking this morning granted each of us the opportunity for a “do-over.” We should make the best of it, don’t you think?


Featured image/video: David Harkins

David Harkins is a serial entrepreneur with significant experience in branding, strategy, licensing and marketing.

In his spare time, he consults, coaches, speaks, writes, hikes, explores, and creates art. Although, not necessarily in that order.

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Time for a do-over

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