Hi. I’m David Harkins. This is my entrepreneurship, business, technology, and culture blog.

I’ve been writing and sharing my thoughts online since the earliest days of websites. Most of those posts here to serve as an archive to how business has changed with the evolution of the Internet and social media and all of them once resided at my home website: www.davidharkins.com. As of January 2017, this website is the home to those archived articles, as well as the new home to my business-focused writings on entrepreneurship, technology, culture and occasionally the intersection of the all three.

As you read this my writing in this space, I would like you to consider a few things:

I love the big ideas, but in the end, I am practical.

Exploring possibilities excites me. I am the guy who is always thinking about the “what ifs” and “why nots.” Yet, things still have to get done–we cannot build endless castles in the sky. So, I think big, but then I try to find the most practical solution(s) or steps to achieving a goal. This website is a prime example of my approach.

Consider this:  When I started my graduate program in Entrepreneurship, I learned a professional blog was a requirement. With my home website at www.davidharkins.com in a state of disarray at that time, I needed a quick solution for a permanent blog. I considered finding a business-sounding domain name and even spent several hours searching for something workable.  Nothing worked for me. So, I reviewed the domain names I had in my “portfolio” and chose www.mrharkins.com– a domain I picked up on a whim a few years ago. It is easy-to-remember, already in my portfolio of domain names, and vague. And because I was already planning to create a new home for my business-related writing, mrharkins.com fit the bill.

I recognize that “Mr. Harkins” does sound quite pretentious. I can assure you that I am not pretentious. I’m just practical.

I drop words and sometimes misspell things.

I have a bad habit of editing my work on the fly, and I am not the best proofreader of my writing. I do try.  But, quite often I read what I am thinking and not what I have written. Even after proofing two or three times and using Grammarly.com I will still miss something. Eventually, a post must be published, or this is not much of a blog. So, if you find an error, please point it out. I’m not perfect, and I like to think I take feedback well.

One final note. This page and this blog will grow over the next year. I hope you’ll follow along.

All the best.





P. S. The intended purpose of this site is my personal expression of views and opinions related to technology, culture, and entrepreneurship. The writing here reflects these views and opinions in my individual capacity only. It does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of any current or past employer or clients, or anyone else, and is not sponsored or endorsed by them in any way.